Try Salt Water Fishing Review

Inshore Saltwater Fishing Tips


Inshore saltwater fishing is a very exciting topic to discuss. In inshore salt water fishing you can catch inshore species such as redfish, flounder, speckled trout and the like. Inshore species are actually more accessible than offshore species. To help you have a better fishing experience, this article provided necessary tips for inshore saltwater fishing - these tips are actually intended for beginners. However, these salt water fishing tips will put any beginner on the path to becoming a pro.


Before you can catch a fish from, you first need to place the bait where a lot of fishes are there - most probably, place the bait where the fishes eat and live. This may be as simple as tossing a baited hook into the surf, which will often produce great results. However, fishing spots are actually not equally created. There will always be part of the beach that contains more fish than the other part of the beach. If you are planning to fish at low tide, you are extremely encouraged because during low tide, the beach reveals deep holes, bottom spots, sandbars and the like that will hold many fishes.


However, before you go fishing during low tide, have a walk first for at least few minutes to study the pattern of the incoming waves. This is a safety precaution before you cast your rod. Shallow water is actually a cause of waves the break far from the edge of the water.


You may also want to try about an oversized tackle but this is not actually necessary. You can also try to use reels and rod as combination from medium to medium-heavy combination is the best try. You can also consider using size six hooks of two or three drop lines tipped bottom fishing rig - remember to put sufficient weight on the bottom connected to the terminal end. Doing this will help you catch a lot fish in the surf. You also need to take note that small hooks can catch big fish but big hooks can't catch small hook.


Natural bait is actually good for beginners. Putting worms, small pieces of shelled shrimp, small pieces of squid, small cut of meats from clams and cut fish on your bait is actually the best thing you can do as a beginner in fishing.


When planning for fishing, you also need to consider the weather. Cold season is not advisable for fishing. Thus, it is better if you go fishing during summer or any time of the year just except the cold seasons.